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Denominational Links
The Evangelical Covenant Church ECC Pacific Northwest Conference

Our denomination's website with information on the Covenant's identity, denominational ministries, Covenant institutions, current events, Covenant news, available resources, etc.

For a short description of what the Evangelical Covenant Church believes please see: Covenant Affirmations: Brief Form.

For a full description please see: Covenant Affirmations: Full Form.

The Evangelical Covenant Church Pacific Northwest Conference is made up of churches in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. The conference website provides information on these churches and information on conference events and ministries, etc.

Cascades Camp & Conference Center Pacific Northwest Conference Women's Ministries

The website for the Pacific Northwest Conference's camp, located 25 miles southeast of Olympia near Yelm, Washington on nearly 1,000 acres of forest with lake frontage on Elbow Lake. The camp offers a full slate of summer camping for all ages, and is available for groups throughout the year.

The Pacific Northwest Conference's Covenant Women Ministries website with information about the Annual Women's Retreat, upcoming events, ministry projects, calendar, resources, etc.

Links to Helpful Biblical Tools
Day-by-Day by Grace Devotional E-Sword (Bible Software)

An excellent, daily devotional by Pastor Bob Hoekstra, Director of Living In Christ Ministries, seeking to help the reader to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ." The devotional is hosted by The Blue Letter Bible, an online, fully searchable collection of many Bible translations.

An easy to use, free, Bible Software program authored by Rick Meyers, with many available modules including Bibles, commentaries, devotionals, dictionaries, maps, graphics, topics (books) as well as STEP libraries. David Cox offers a large variety of E-Sword modules at E-Sword Module Database Library. For an extensive library of user made modules, please visit by clicking the "Bible Support" graphic below:

Bible Support

e-Sword Home
The Online Bible (Bible Software) The Word (Bible Software)

The granddaddy of free Bible Software programs, authored by Larry Pierce, with many available Bibles, books, commentaries and dictionaries.

A new, free, Bible Software program, authored by Costas Steriou, with many Bibles, books, commentaries, devotionals, & dictionaries available. The Word also has one of the most powerful search capabilities of the free Bible programs.

Links to Video Worship Backgrounds & Media Sites
Grace Upon Grace Worship Backgrounds Grant Christensen's ReelWorship Page

Grant Christensen's own collection of free, worship background videos for use with such programs as Mediashout or EasyWorship. Please check back for new content added or follow on Twitter at gchristens.

Grant Christensen's ReelWorship page offering still backgrounds. ReelWorship is an online community of people who desire to share free, worship background media for use in church worship services. To access ReelWorship, please sign up for a free account, and find many, free quality videos and stills from a variety of contributors. Stock.xchng

A categorized collection of videos for use in television production, that can be adapted for use in Christian worship services. Useful categories include: Worship Loops, Music Loops, Wedding Loops, Holiday Loops, & Flag Loops. Downloading loops requires a free registration.

A vast colleciton of free photos that can be used as worship backgrounds or made into video slideshows using Windows Movie Maker for use in programs such as Mediashout or EasyWorship. Downloading photos requires registering for a free membership. When looking for photos click on the "Advanced search" tab, and then in the combo box marked "Restricted OK" select "No."

Pond5 Free Worship Loops

A site that sells stock media (video clips) from a wide variety of contributers, offering a free clip each week. Downloading the free clip requires registering for a free membership. Clips can be converted using a free, video converter Any Video Converter.

A small collection of free, worship background loops with more on the way. No registration is required to download the video loops.

Motion Backgrounds for Free Free Worship Backgrounds

A website offering a large and growing collection of free motion backgounds. Please note that most of the files on this site are not loops but video clips. A new video is added each weekday. Free registration is required.

The sister webiste to "Motion Backgrounds for Free," which also offers a large and growing collection of free worship backgrounds. Please note that most of the media on this website are seamless loops--while occasionally offering a motion background clip. This site also adds a new video each weekday. Free registration is required.

Worship Interlude Previews  

A small representation of the video interludes we occasionally use at our Sunday Worship Service.


Miscellaneous Files Available for Download
Windows Movie Maker Countdown Timer Overlay Old Testament/New Testament Reading Log (PDF)

The above link is to a Windows Movie Maker project file for creating 10 minute video countdowns. Open the "Countdown Timer Overlay.MSWMM" file using Windows Movie Maker. You'll see in the text overlay section a solid white band. If you zoom in on the timeline until you can see 1 second intervals, you'll see 600 text boxes, each exactly once second long. In each successive text box the time counts down from 10 mintues (10:00) to zero (00:00). This countdown timer shows up in the bottom left corner of your project. Before adding video or pictures save the file to your own project name so that you can save the Countdown Timer Overlay file as a template. You can also delete portions of the timer for shorter counddowns and then move all the text boxes to the left so that the first text box begins at zero. To do this highlight the first textbox you want to move, then move to the last textbox, hold down the shift key and click the last text box; then click on the selection and drag it to where you want it. You can also change the font, color and location, but this means editing each of the 600 text boxes and changing these attributes.

To download the file, right click on the above link, choose save as, and follow the save as dialog box instructions.

A simple reading log to keep track of where you've read in the Bible. Right click on the above link and then select "Save Link As..." and follow the instructions.

Chicago Stuffed Pizza Recipe (PDF) - Zipped

Excell Multiple Recipe Spreadsheet

The above link is to a 2 page PDF file that when printed back to back on card stock will create 4 recipe cards for authentic Chicago Stuffed Pizza. The second link is an Excell spreadsheet for multiple pizzas. The file automatically changes the recipe based on how many pizzas are desired. For inter-generational groups 1 pizza feeds about 8 people. To add even a richer flavor, substitute 1/4 pound of the cheese with 1/4 pound of freshly grated, parmesan cheese. Enjoy!

Seeing it Put Together