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Wherever Jesus went he was a magnet to those who were the most hurting and lost--often people who the rest of society had counted as throw-aways--the "sinners" of their day. To the leper who had the boldness to run to Him and fall at His feet, crying out, "If you really want to Lord, you can make me clean," Jesus reached out with a gut-wrenching compassion and did the unthinkable: He touched the man and said, "I really want to. Be clean!"

He also called to those who were weary of carrying the heavy burden of a rigid religious life made up of a lot of rules saying, "Come to me all you who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest."

He approached people with grace and truth--grace to offer them what they did not deserve--His life, love, healing, deliverance and salvation; yet, truth to tell it like it really was in their lives.

At Grace Covenant we are a people who have been ourselves those lost and hurting, weary and heavy burdened, yet, who have found rest and forgiveness in our Lord Jesus Christ! We are a people who simply seek to be vessels of the Living Jesus who continues to call out through us, "Come to Me. . . and I will give you rest!"

At Grace Covenant Church you will find a place where you will be well fed on the truth of God's Word, and a place where through worship, led by the Holy Spirit, you will have the opportunity to meet with God.

We are not a church that tries to fit you into our programming; but, rather we encourage you to seek out the Holy Spirit and what vision He would have for you!

Come and explore with us the riches of God's kindness and mercy, His compassion and love, His grace and truth! Come and find a place to truly live and rest!

Grace Covenant Church is part of the Evangelical Covenant Church; what we care about most, who we are at our core, can be described as follows:

We believe those things that Christians have always believed
  • That God is our Creator and Loving Father
  • That Jesus, His Son, came to be our Savior and show us life at its best
  • That the Holy Spirit is at work in the world and church
  • That to love God and others are life's most important pursuits
  • That we are separated from God by sin and need to experience a spiritual rebirth to live forever as His child.
We take the Bible seriously

The Bible is like no other book - God has breathed life into it. It is completely true. It teaches us about God, ourselves, and how life is to be lived.

We are glad to be linked with other Covenant Churches

Through our common ministry we are able to serve our communities and world in a way that would never happen if we were a local church alone. We find that those who learn about our larger ministry become excited about what God is doing through our joint mission to youth, seniors, familes, and singles.

We find joy in the freedom we have in Christ

We are firmly commited to the core of the Christian faith as clearly revealed in the Bible. At the same time, we celebrate an atmosphere of freedom in respect to matters of individual interpretation and practice within Biblical guidelines. As a result, Christians from a variety of church backgrounds and individuals new to Christian faith are to be found in our church. We sense a rightness in being a church that is based in the essentials of the Christian life, not in nonessentials.

For a short description of what the Evangelical Covenant Church believes please see: Covenant Affirmations: Brief Form.

For a full description please see: Covenant Affirmations: Full Form.

For a more indepth view see Donald Frisk's, Covenant Affirmations: This We Believe published by Covenant Press (1981)--available at the Covenant Bookstore.
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For freedom Christ has set us free